Air Conditioning Recharge

So we are getting alot of calls for A/C recharges. Lets clarify a few things. Your Air Conditioning system is a sealed system. The best analogy I can give is like a tire, if your tire is low it has a leak. Therefore if your A/C system is low on charge there is a leak. In order to protect the environment from the refrigerant in your A/C system the leak needs to be repaired before recharging.

We would rather have our customers request that they ask us to diagnose why it is not blowing cold air anymore. Although there is electronic controls and components like compressors, valves and switches in the system the most common problems that we find are leaks. 

We will perform a complete HVAC system test that include checking the entire operation of the system. Once we have confirmed that the system is not operating correctly we will install our A/C service equipment and monitor the pressures of the system while operating. It is at that point we can correctly diagnose the cause. If we find the pressures are low then we will evacuate the refrigerant charge form the system and record the amount evacuated and compare to the required charge the system needs to operate correctly. 

If the system is low then we inspect all the connections and components for signs of a leak. Using special refrigerant detectors, pressurized smoke generators and UV lighting we isolate the cause of the leak. Once the leak is found we will then prepare an estimate to repair the leak. We eliminate the guesswork and isolate the problem rather than keep filling it up which is costly and not good for the environment.

Although Air conditioning can be costly to repair it is a comfort that we have all become accustomed to.